Disciplinary Issue to Deal With

Disciplinary issues may relate to performance matters or to acts of misconduct up to and including acts of gross misconduct. All companies are legally required to have in place a disciplinary policy and procedure and to make all employees aware of this, and in the vast majority of cases to follow this procedure in relation to any disciplinary cases that may arise. However rarely are cases straight forward and therefore many issues would need to be taken into consideration to ensure that matters are dealt with in a fair and reasonable manner and that any decisions made are similarly fair and reasonable.

From my experience the sort of “subject areas” that would probably need to be considered in relation to Disciplinary Issues would be: –


To discuss any potential disciplinary issues please give me a call on 07850 208701 or email me on rcwhrsolutions@talktalk.net noting your contact telephone number and I will come back to you as soon as I possibly can.